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    The new range of fully equipped SMART Repair Trolleys have been developed for the high-end SMART Repair specialists. They include all the necessary systems to make high-end repairs.


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Spectrophotometer - Colour-matching tool

No more hassle finding the right color

HBC system introduces an exciting solution to an age-old problem of getting the new colour to exactly and invisibly match the original panel. Using sophisticated colour analysis software and professional spectrophotometer we can provide the exact “recipe” and deliver perfect colour matches every time.

How does the HBC Spectrophotometer work?
The original leather and vinyl is “scanned” with the hand-held spectrophotometer. The resulting data is converted into an easy to follow recipe drawing on 5 of the 13 “base” B3 scan colors. The list of standard colours made by HBC system, is also available to download on recipe gives the exact amount of each colour that is needed to achieve the volume required, from as little as 50ml to 5 litres per mix.

All that is required is to measure and mix the colours thoroughly, add the right level of dulling agent (gloss adjuster) to adjust the sheen to the correct level. Now you are ready to paint the repair area.

When combining the Spectrophotometer with the B3 scan color mixing system finding the right color becomes an easy job. Simply place the spectrophotometer directly on the dashboard, leather or vinyl surface and scan. A few minutes after your scan the software gives you the complete mixing receipt. It can’t be any easier!



Key advantages:

Exact match of every pigmented and aniline leather and vinyl

Eliminate waste of colours necessary with manual colour matching to reach the correct one

Dramatically time reducing. Gives perfect results in seconds not hours

Improve sales margin on restoration & colour matching works
Doesn’t need computer experience, user friendly software interface
Very light and portable hardware solution, ideal for mobile technicians

Improve work time management, you are sure to complete the colour matching in minutes
Clean, fast & easy colour matching

Running standard Windows software

You can have all this functionalities in your handled device or your PC!

By using the B3 scan colour system you will be able to get faster and better results, saving money and getting more satisfied customers.

The B3 scan colour system is currently used by many satisfied customers and partners worldwide, providing the leather technicians, furniture manufacturers and car interior repairers a much higher profit margin and happy customers!


Type of Repairs

Scanning of leather and vinyl to identify the color and create the exact mixing formula

Max. Size of Repairs


Time of scanning (avg.)

5 min.



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