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Ozone Air Cleaning

Ozone air cleaning for odours in cars and caravans

- without the use of chemicals


Smells can be hard to get rid of. Despite a nicely ventilated room, it can be difficult to get on top of the odours. HBC system H, UV-C & OZONE Technology can - without the use of chemicals - permanently eliminate odour problems of any kind. The odour does not return, unless the pollutant is still present. Elimination of mould fungis up to 99,9%



HBC system introduces a new system to fight odour nuisances. 
Utilizing the patented UV-C & OZONE Technology you can now eliminate and remove any unpleasant odours.

This technology received the EU Environmental Award,
in the category "cleaner technology".

Reasons for choosing the UV-C & OZONE Air Cleaning unit from HBC system.

You invest in well-being, greater efficiency, an increased job satisfaction and less absence due to illness. Through this technology a number of odour nuisances are being fought, and thereby there is a reduced risk of transmitting infectiously diseases. System H removes the smell from the air; however it also eliminates the odour from for instance the carpets, fabrics, curtains and the walls.


Poor indoor climate in the rooms, where people work, affects our quality of life and health in a negative way. It can be anything from malodorous odours from garbage, mould fungis, cigarettes to industrial processes.


An unpleasant smell can create discomfort, but indoor the air pollution is a source of headaches, respiratory problems, fatigue, muscle tensions, asthma, allergy, dry mucous membrane and eye irritation. All of this has an influence on the way people work and concentrate during work.



Under controlled circumstances UV-C light arises in system H. This light generates/produces ozone (O3) in connection with the natural oxygen (O2) content in the air – this happens in the same way as with sunbeams.

By using this method no harmful nitrogen oxides (NOX) arise.This happens, when ozone is being generated by an electric discharge, such as welding or duplicating /copying. 



Ozone has the ability to combine with organic substances in the air such as Nicotine, and the ozone oxidizes these. Thereby the bacteria, vira and spores present in the air are being eliminated.

During the cleaning process the smelling air in the room is being sucked into the Ozone system, and it passes the special HBC lamp. In connection with this, the treated and disinfected air is being led back to the room with an ozone residue.


Type of Repairs

Ozone air cleaning for permanent removal of odours in cars and caravans using UV-C & OZONE air cleaning Technology.

Max. Size of Repairs

125 m2

Number of Repairs (avg.)

Approx. 8000 hours operation

Time of Repairs (avg.)

30-60 min.


   A pure physical process

without chemicals

   Advantageous in comparison

to filter techniques

   No negative impact on

the environment

   High operational security
   Little / minimum maintenance
   Easy to install
   Small investment
   Mobile - movable


  Range of Applications

✓  Car dealers
treatment of smelling cars
and trucks/lorries

✓  Caravan dealers
treatment of smelling caravans
and mobile homes

✓  Hotels
treatment of hotel rooms,
disinfection of the kitchen, removal
of odour from smokey bars and treatment of waste sites

✓  Restaurants and discos
odour removal from carpets,
fabrics, furniture after cleaning

✓  Smokey rooms
bathrooms, kitchens, nursing
homes & waste sites

✓  Building painters
removal of malodorous paint, enamelling jobs.


 Technical data

Part No.  00.109 220V

Part No.  00.109 110V 


System H
air cleaning unit


UV-Lamps:  1 x 16W

Operating hours (lamps): 8000

Voltage:  110V   220V

Power Consumption: 30W

Max area: 125m3

Finish: stainless steel


L: 430mm  W: 130mm  H: 130mm

The UV-C & OZONE unit is only
to be used, when no persons or animals are in the area of use.

Guarantee: 2 years*
* not including the bulb


CE marked

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