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Dent repair system for caravans and mobile homes

HBC system have a patented dent repair system to repair all kind of dents and holes in a caravan wall

With the HBC system E you can repair and recreate all structures and colours...


Caravan smart repair with HBC systems

Why replace the whole side of a caravan just because of a small dent? It is both time-consuming as well as very expensive. With system E you acquire a perfect finish due to specially designed vacuum tools, level-rail, and a specially developed Mouldmaker which recreates the original pattern of the damaged area.


Type of Repairs

Max. Size 
of Repairs

Number (avg.)

of Repairs

Time (avg.)
of Repairs

Dents, deep scratches and
holes in contoured sidepanels 
on Caravans and Mobile homes

  70 x 18 cm


180 min. first repair.
120 min. second repair
90 min. third + following repairs


The Press wrote: “Ingenious system for repairing aluminium plates on mobile-homes, caravans, and trailers.”

HBC system, developer and manufacturer of smart repair systems mainly for the auto business, has now developed an upgrade system capable of repairing very major damage on aluminium panels.

It is now possible to repair aluminium panels with major damage of up to 3 metres. The system applies to a vast number of rolled relief panels on gates, furniture, buildings, cars and caravans or any surface of a similar construction. With this possibility there are no arguments for not repairing.


Painting of caravans and mobile homes

For maximum colour accuracy we recommend our scanning system. Today our list comprises more than 500 different colours. If we do not have the colour you need, you can send us a sample, we will then scan it and add it to our list, after which it is available for everybody. This service from HBC system is free. Fusion spraying with new and old paint. We have introduce another innovation – FADE THINNER.


This melts together / dissolves the old and the new paint creating a better finish by eliminating the over spray and spray dust which often necessitates extra polishing to obtain perfect finish.


Caravan primer, white

We have also developed a new white ground colour, this white primer improves the repair job considerably.


Caravan Spot Repair System

Read about Smart Repair Caravan spot repair system (PDF)


System E, (E Starter, E Upgrade and E Complete) Caravan repair

For the repair of caravans and mobile homes. Copy of structure. HBC has a world wide patent on this.

HBC Caravan repair system
- Innovative
- Professional
- Patented
- Homologated Read more 


International users approvals / tests


- Thatcham, UK.

   The Motor Insurance Repair Research


- Center / Time studies.

  KTI, Germany. Kraftfahrzeug

  Technisches Institut. The organisation  is owned by 20 German insurance companies.


- DAT system time measurement.

  HBC system caravan dent repair system is Innovative Professional Profitable

Caravan Catalogue

The complete guide to our patented Caravan Repair Systems


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